Thursday, October 30, 2008

refined caps, weight, long specimen...

refining caps!!!

I've noticed that the caps seemed too rough when combined with the refined lower case, so i have decided to make some corrections.


A quick specimen print to see how the lc&uc behave combined.

refining the lower case

yeah, pretty bad photo, however this is the refinements of the lower case. As you can see, I've printed the glyphs in very light grey colour and painted the refinements over the top.

digitized lower-case, 1st draft. The glyphs looked much better when i pained them on paper (see a few posts back). I have realized that some of the pairs just plain refuse to work together. I needed to refine them.

regular capitals. up close and personal.

I've started sketching out an italic to go with my other model. But this has never gone past the few sketches. But will definitely be refined in the future, however for the time-frame of my research project, this is just to much. Instead i have done a set of bold characters to pair with the regular model.